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Although some interlibrary loan requests (mostly articles) are filled within a day or two, on average interlibrary loan requests take 7-14 days. Requests for obscure materials take even longer. If you do not have the time to wait for interlibrary loan, try these alternatives:

You can search ConnectNY by subject, keyword, etc. and request books without going through interlibrary loan. Plus, the books should arrive sooner – usually within 3 to 5 days.

Use the Direct Access Program. If you take your Siena ID to the Standish Library Reference Desk, the librarian there can give you a Direct Access Card. Along with your Siena ID, that little green card will let you go in person to most libraries in the Capital District (academic and other types) to check out books. The reference librarian also can show you how to find and search other libraries' online catalogs, CaDiLaC Online, or WorldCat to find out which local libraries own the best resources for your project.

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